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I've just watched Flower and Garnet as part of my compulsion to watch everything that Callum Keith Rennie has even been in. Which means that yes, I've watched a couple of stinkers. This wasn't one of them.

It made my chest ache, and I had my fingers pressed against my mouth for at least half of it. I was almost completely unspoiled, for which I'm thankful! Callum was wonderful as the children's dad - he did a great job of portraying a character you could feel for without making him too sympathetic, which would have been a cheap shot and I think would have undermined the terrible effects of his own emotional isolation on his son. And Colin Roberts deserves a special mention for his role as Garnet. The despair and helplessness of a neglected eight-year old who picks up many more of the undercurrents than anyone around him realises - he was heartbreaking.

I loved that I really couldn't predict what was going to happen. I had a real fear that Garnet was either going to shoot himself again, but fatally this time, or that he was going to kill his father. I cried when Ed said "I'm sorry" and finally hugged his son. And then I smiled through my tears at the ending: understated but cautiously hopeful, and all the more powerful for its restraint.

I'm very very glad I watched it.


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