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Red Haired Killjoy Gee icon in honour of his changing back to black. Do I like it better? Yes? No? I really don't know what I think!

And in honour of a post from me after so long that I can't even remember how long it's been, here's an MCR meme that [ profile] yekith is doing and that I thought looked fun:

Day 1- Favorite song off of Bullets

Without looking at the track list ('cos that'd be cheating!), I have to say Demolition Lovers. It's one of Gerard's "telling a story" songs - or maybe it would be better to say that it conjures up an atmosphere, because the story is largely left to the imagination... That's one of the things I absolutely love about their music, whether they call them concept albums or not, the worlds they evoke are fascinating. And Demolition Lovers sums up the star-crossed lovers on the run vibe of the whole album. Doomed to end their days "in a hail of bullets"... Here, have a listen.

Close second favourites are Our Lady of Sorrows and Headfirst for Halos. Can I have two second favourites? Of course I can!

I love this album. I'm a huge fan of the darkness of pre-Killjoys MCR.

Day 2- Favorite song off of Three Cheers
Day 3- Favorite song off of The Black Parade
Day 4- Favorite song off of Danger Days
Day 5- Favorite MCR music video
Day 6- Favorite MCR song not on an album
Day 7- Favorite Life On The Murder Scene moment
Day 8- Favorite moment from The Black Parade Is Dead!
Day 9- A MCR song that instantly makes you smile
Day 10- A MCR song that reminds you of someone
Day 11- A MCR song that you listen to when you're sad
Day 12- A MCR song that makes you want to smash someones face
Day 13- A MCR song that means a lot to you
Day 14- A MCR song you think should be made into a music video
Day 15- Your favorite quote from any MCR band member
Day 16- Your favorite line from any MCR song
Day 17- A MCR song that makes you laugh
Day 18- A MCR song that encourages you to seek revenge
Day 20- A clip of the drummer you wish would have never left
Day 21- Your favorite Gerard and Bert moment
Day 22- Your favorite MCR era
Day 23- The first MCR song you ever heard
Day 24- A MCR song that you weren't too crazy about at first but now love!
Day 25- your least favorite MCR song (we all have one)
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